Letea Forest and Reservation:

Letea Forest (2825 ha): is situated in the northern part of Danube Delta, and east of the village CA Rosetti. Strictly protected area covers only a part of the total area of the ​​forest, part of which was put under protection since 1930 and became a nature reserve since 1938.
Forest has developed in the form of wide strips ("hasmacuri") in the spaces between sand dunes and consists of oak meadow, oak greyish, white poplar, ash plain, white lime.
A feature of the forest is the abundance of climbing plants: wild grape, hops, forest tendril and not least, Greek liana (Periploca graeca), which gives the appearance of a Mediterranean forest. Also, there have been identified over 2,000 species of insects, sand viper (Vipera ursinii), eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) - which nests here, three species of hawk, raven, etc. .
All these species of plants and animals, someof them rare or having special features have made this forest require a special attention to conservation and preservation of its natural values​​.
Going on channels, from the distance can be seen the village church and fishing boats of the villagers. A gravel road, go through several villages. Look the same, yet different. Letea village has Russian inhabitants, Sistovca and Periprava have Lipovan inhabitants and CA Rosetti village has romanian or better moldavian inhabitants . The population is about 1,000 inhabitants.
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Letea is known for hundreds of wild horses that run free in the woods and over the green land.
500 species of plants and trees have made their bed in Letea Forest . Greyish oak, ash, lime, poplar and also exotic plants .There are even 700 years old oaks, but have lost the canopy.
It is the only place in Europe where we find lianas. Traveling birds have brought their seeds from other realms.
As you are going through the forest,you pass through an amazing change of scenery. Only 200-300 meters are in between subtropical forest and desert.
With so many wonders, tourists go home with memories for life.