Sulina Beach

plaja sulinaThe main attraction of Sulina is the beach of the Black Sea. Situated about 2km from Sulina, can be reached on foot in 20-30 minutes, or maxi-taxi on a road that looks like a country road. Sulina beach, unlike other beaches in Romania has fine sand (not as in Mamaia or Costinesti) and in terms of the sea water we can say that from 30 to 30 meters are good sandbanks just good for children, avoiding is the risk that children go to greater depth f they do not exceed the first sand bank (and parents being able to more easily monitor them). Sulina Beach is an area of ‚Äč‚Äčecological importance, here develops bindweed sand, an herb on the red list of protected species.
In Sulina you can enjoy both the Black Sea beaches and the excursions in the Delta. It is an ideal place for those wishing to enjoy the pleasures of summer and nature. The beauty of this place is proven by thousands of tourists who return every year here. Of all the regions of Romania can neither attract so many tourists year after year, that can Dobrogea, and this is not an accident. Numerous seaside resorts, rich cultural history remains dating back to ancient , beautiful landscapes and unique wildlife of the Delta are as many reasons to keep awake the interest of tourists, domestic and foreign, for this corner of the country.