City of Periprava


What is Periprava? - The last village on the Chilia Arm. End of the world. Or, more precisely, the end of Romania. If we make a comparison, according to legend of the rainbow, Periprava is pitcher filled with gold at the ends of the rainbow.
How to get in Periprava? - As we're on chapter tales and legends then the way to Periprava can be seen as a initiation travel . And they went and they went, on earth and on land, and they reached the end of the world. And there they found wealth.
But what kind of riches we reffer to when it comes to Periprava ? A beauty of nature, as rarely meet today. Time passes in the pace of the Danube.
For who is Periprava a happy destination ?
- For photo enthusiasts. It is the ideal destination for a photographic project in Delta, or just for hobby.
- For fishing enthusiasts. Just talking about Delta, right?
- For those who want to relax in the middle of the nature.
- For those who want to escape the buzz of the city (Periprava has about 150 inhabitants)