City of Sulina

orasul sulinaGeographic coordinates: 450 9 '37 "north latitude and 29040'37" east longitude.
Climate: temperate continental.
Prevails the winds from the N, NE. In January and February there is likely the floes appear on the Danube, but the navigable channel is driven by icebreakers.
Sulina maximum depth: 23 feet (9.08 m)
Danube river: crossing 10 countries and the territory of our country on a length of 40% of the total length of its navigable area (2588 km).
Sulina port city: it is located at the mouth of the Sulina Canal in the Black Sea, is the easternmost city of our country.
Seen from above the port- city has a linear composition on the cardinal east-west axis with the main opening to the Danube (Sulina Canal), located on both sides, with urban proportion on the right bank.
Eastern end of town to a depth of 1 km is in the functional-tourist Romanian Black Sea coast, but the main city remains open to the Danube, being promoted no port construction in coastal .
Access: The town of Sulina can be reached only by water, with the possibility of traveling with two types of transportation: fast ship and classic one (which is a pleasure for lovers of nature).
In Sulina you can enjoy both the Black Sea beaches and the excursions in the Delta. It is an ideal place for those wishing to enjoy the pleasures of summer and nature. The beauty of this place is proven by thousands of tourists who return every year here. Of all the regions of Romania can neither attract so many tourists year after year that can Dobrogea and this is not an accident. Numerous seaside resorts, rich cultural history dating back to ancient remains, beautiful landscapes and unique wildlife of the Delta are as many reasons to keep awake the interest of tourists, domestic and foreign, for this corner of the country.