Unique liane in Europe

liane liane liane liane delta

Delta is the only place in Europe where the vines grow. Secular oaks, which creepers wrap on trunks like snakes, sand dunes and wild horses that romp freely. This is small jungle of the Delta, for forests that include many species, for the lianas, the only place in Europe where the increase. Here, you can visit the sand dunes, you can drink from the fountain located in the woods or you can admire the horses running free everywhere.
Village elders tell a story of a ship carrying species of plants which overturned here. As told by their parents that in this way arose Letea forest.

Periploca graeca, having mediteranian origin, very rare spread in woods and forests, used as decorative plant. in our country, this species represents the most northern part of its spreading area.

With so many wonders, you can simply return home with memories that will not ever be forgotten and you will be telling them to all .