Miruna - Resort

complex mirunaWe offer 5 cabins ( houses ) with a total of 11 rooms , in

cluding on bathrooms , hot water non - stop , air conditioning , two beds for adults ( an doptionally include din the rent al price a be d f or a childup to 1 4 years ) , and 12 beds for 3 5 / person, in rooms without bathroom.
Lunch is served three times a day, for a price of 50 Lei per person / day (all meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner). Breakfast is represented by a Swedish buffet, which includes several dishes: butter, tea, jam, salami (Sibiu, Banat, Molodvenesc), pork, yellow cheese, cottage cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and prepared deltaic specific dishes, such as: carp and pike roe salad, herring salad, chilca salad, etc...

Miruna Resort

Lunch and dinner are categorized for each day of the week, so the menu can not be repeated at intervals shorter than 7 days:
Soups: fish soup, meatballs soup, Russian chicken soup, Russian pork soup, Lipovenian chicken soup, chicken soup, beef soup,
Fish dishes: fried carp with polenta, fried catfish, carp platelet, catfish platelet, spitted carp, catfish schnitzel, perch schnitzel, fish balls, grilled carp in brine, fish with rice, special deltaic dish “Malasolca”, fish with baked potatoes, fried turbot, grilled mackerel;
Meat dishes: grilled pork, grilled chicken breast, chicken schnitzel, pork schnitzel, cooked mix of wild boar, stuffed cabbage leaves, stuffed peppers, baked pork/ chicken / beef steak;
Desserts of the area: Lippovan pies, “poale-n brau” pie, and a specific area cakes called “varenicky/coltunase”.

Other services that we offer: 4x4 car (Tata) with driver 250 Lei / day + fuel, trips by car (route Periprava - Rosetti - Salt Lake - Letea - Letea Forest - Dunes of Omer – Secular Oak of 700 years - Periprava) 150 Lei / trip (about 5-6 hours), tours by car (route Periprava - Sulina and visiting of Sulina + Black Sea) 300 Lei by boat (3 persons) and 400 Lei by car (10 persons).
In addition to trips "Safari" by car, Miruna Resort offers boat and yacht trips in the Danube Delta: boat rental 100 Lei / day + fuel, boat with boatman 50 Lei / day + fuel, trips on the lakes and canals of the Delta Danube 150 Lei / trip (about 3 hours).

Boat Transport Program

From Tulcea - to Periprava
Monday and Wednesday 13.30 - 17.00 - Fast boats
  Friday 13.30 - 19.00 - Passenger Boats
From Periprava - to Tulcea Tuesday and Thursday 05.30 - 10.00 - Fast boats
  Sunday 05.30 - 12.00 - Passenger Boats

Ticket price

50 Ron Fast boats
  40 Ron Passenger Boats

Private boats
Tulcea - Periprava

1000 Ron Maximum 10 people (any time)
Travel time: 1.30 minutes