Sand Dunes (Dunes of Omer)

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In the western part of Caraorman village, about 500 m away, you can find very fine sand dunes, which can be found only in three places in Europe. Herodotus and Polybius mention in their writing large accumulations of sand at the mouth of the Danube ("a shoal of about 1000 stages (167 km) at a distance of about a day from land." - Polybius). These sand dunes of Caraorman are placed transvesal on direction of flow of the Danube and together with the ones from Letea, represents parts from the inital cord that blocked the Tulcea Bay , transforming it into a lagoon, which later clogged and gave birth to Delta.
Sand dunes of sea origins have heights up to 7-9 m and are semimobile, wind transporting and grouping the sand around the stronger plants . Duna called "Cuibisca" (the name comes from nearby Lake Cuibida) 20 years ago was very high, because it was a tree on top of it that set the sand around him. The two prominent on the right were based on the dunes, but after the tree was dried, the wind blew the sand and reduced the dunes height for their extent. Thus the two bushes at the base are currently support for the wind in building another dune
Poor vegetation on dunes contrasts sharply with the lush vegetation nearby.