Boat Trips: barci in delta plimbari in delta barci pe delta

Mereiul Mic / Mereiul Mare , Lacul Nebunu, Lacul Sarat, Sulina, Letea Reservation ( Lac Rezervatie Natural Reservation Lake )
Trip for 3 persons - 250 Lei


crap stuca pescuit in delta

Sport fishing on the lakes and surrounding canals by boat 100 Lei / day up to 3 persons + petrol.
Fishing guide - 50 Lei

Hunting : caine.vanatoare mistreti

: It is organized bird hunting: very spectacular along the Danube and adjacent waterways, especially with small motor boat or rowing.
There were established several parks where you can hunt very beautiful hunting trophy attracting many foreign tourists, especially Romanians. Many wilde geese, coots, pheasants, wild boar, deer, rabbits and other birds dwell here in the winter.


Free rides with rowboat on Nebunu Lake which opens right in the courtyard of Miruna Complex